Monday, November 1, 2010

Sick again

Oh joy, the start of a week, the start of a new month and a lovely sickness to get in my way of being productive. I tried to get a ton of rest yesterday, even going so far as to being in bed and asleep by 915, but this morning I'm starting to get aches and I'm really exhausted.

Last night I had a dream about Michelle and it was mentally exhausting. It was sad and it made me sad. In some ways, I'm not looking forward to living in the home in which she killed herself, but Cavan and I (and Ryley too) are starting to get pretty excited about the move. It's going to be exhausting, but it's coming up fast and we're ready to go, I think. Obviously we still have a lot to do to prepare our current apartment ever just for viewing, and we pretty much have zero time for it, but we're less stressed about it than we are excited.

In other news, I'm rebelling against a form of authority again. What's new, right? Well, I just can't stand managers that a.) micromanage (BETH) or b.) try to micromanage during our monthly meetings but rarely actually talk to me or give me guidance any other time of the month (DESIREE).

I don't know what Desiree thinks her job is as the Promise Fellow supervisor, but I'm pretty sure it's more than half an hour the first Monday of each month. Sometimes she talks to me when I see her in the hall, but not even usually that. Seriously? And then you're going to get on my ass because I did work from home one day? I'm sorry, but you wouldn't have even known if I was here that day. So what the fuck difference does it make? None, actually. If I can log hours for reading a book, I'm pretty sure I'm not going to drive into work to do so. Nobody else was at work that day because of MEAs and there's no reason we should be punished and have to come into work. I'm sorry, but I'm an AmeriCorps member and get paid little to nothing to do this job. If that means I don't want to waste an hours' worth of gas in a day I don't HAVE to be here, I'm not going to. They need to understand that.

I'm just tired and frustrated. I can't stand that Desiree is going to get on my case for working from home that one day. To be honest, I get a hell of a lot more done that day than I would have if I came into the office to work. She is a terrible supervisor and that's that.

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