Monday, October 19, 2009

Give me your eyes, I need sunshine.

This weekend was full of sunshine. Full of good things and glimpses into the future. Of course, there are always the little things that try to rain on your parade, but sometimes they just don't matter enough to change your day.

Cavan is my sunshine. No matter how long my day is, no matter how hard work is, how crappy I feel about my money situation, or how cold and harsh the weather is, Cavan is the sunshine that I need to perk up. I don't think I could get sick of being around him. Being with him is like being by myself but a million times better. All of the peace of being alone, but the comfort of having a partner and the utility of having someone to do things with if I want to.

That being said, I do like to hang out with my girlfriends. It's a shame that things feel a little more odd around them since I moved in, but its still nice for all of us to hang out sometimes. I think it'll be so much nicer once I move out and don't have to feel like I'm imposing all of the time. I really just want to get the hell up out of this place. It's cold, I sleep on the floor, and I'm always feeling awkward about being here or not being here. I can't feel like I'm at home here, so I just need to find a place that I can make my own.

I need somewhere to call home. Anywhere that I can sleep on a bed and feel comfortable doing whatever I want to do. I'll go there.

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